Our goal is to use the documentary CIRCLE UP to help spread restorative practices wherever they can help people heal from trauma, resolve conflict, prevent violence, and build community.

The film – which exists as both a 69-minute feature and a 12-minute short – allows viewers to experience restorative justice through the powerful story of a group of Boston mothers who seek true justice for their sons’ murders. We envision screening the film at hundreds of institutions across the country where restorative practices are starting or taking hold:

·      K-12 schools
·      Prisons
·      Juvenile justice facilities
·      Probation / re-entry groups
·      Survivor groups
·      Faith-based communities
·      Restorative justice organizations
·      Higher education institutions (esp. criminal justice, law, etc.)
·      Criminal justice conferences (for judges, prosecutors, probation, etc.)

Since the film can bring up deep feelings, we recommend programming that includes time for audiences to respond, such as a Q&A, panel discussion, or follow-up circles led by trained facilitators.

We are developing a customizable package for organizations that may include film screening rights, event planning support, promotional materials (posters, postcards, social media cards, sample emails, etc.), facilitators, curricula tailored to different communities, and an invitation to participate in our social media campaign around #forgiveness, #acountability, and #justice.

We are working with great partners for our impact campaign and seek additional collaboration with funders, community organizations, and regional or statewide educational or social service systems.