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Chicago Film News Interviews "Circle Up" Director Julie Mallozzi at the 10th Annual POEFF

MAR. 16, 2018 - Chicago Film News host Terence Hartnett interviews Julie Mallozzi, Director of "Circle Up", a documentary screened at the 10th Annual Peace On Earth Film Festival, Chicago....

Terence Hartnett / Chicago Film News

Restorative filmmaking - "Circle Up" shows the power of restorative justice programs

MAR. 8, 2018 - Circle Up, a documentary from director and producer Julie Mallozzi, follows the converging paths of two middle-aged Boston mothers after their sons are murdered...

Holly Henschen / Isthmus

There is another option: ‘Circle Up’ shares power of restorative justice

MAR. 6, 2018 - The Dane County TimeBank will share its far-reaching relevance in an upcoming screening of "Circle Up", which details how restorative justice establishes forgiveness, accountability and growth...

Frankie Hermanek / The Badger Herald

New Doc Explores Benefits of Restorative Justice Practice

NOV. 5, 2017 - In Circle Up, Boston-based filmmaker Julie Mallozzi explores the power of peacemaking circles in restorative justice.  Peacemaking circles are a traditional form of justice-based restorative practice...

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness / The Independent

Documentary Features Mother Who Reconciled with Son's Murderer

OCT. 15, 2017 - Janet Connor's story starts with a knock at the door. She is told that her 19-year-old son, Joel James Turner, has been killed - stabbed to death. What to do what that kind of pain is the subject of a film, "Circle Up".

All Things Considered, WGBH / Barbara Howard

Dorchester Mother's Grief Becomes Mission to Help Prevent Violence

OCT. 13, 2017 - Janet Connors has made it her life's work to hold peacekeeping circles as a way to heal herself and her community...

WBUR / Radio Boston

A thought-provoking GlobeDocs Film Festival lineup invites engagement

OCT. 6, 2017 - Seemingly insoluble problems and unlikely solutions dominate the feature-length entries in the latest GlobeDocs Film Festival that begins on Wednesday. That's no accident...

Boston Globe / Peter Keough


Julie Mallozzi on Circle Up and Seeing as a Maker

SEPT. 25, 2017 - We asked Julie about the film's origins, what engages her as an artist and teacher, and what's next in her intriguing career as a nonfiction media storyteller...

Mass Cultural Council / ArtSake 

Chronicle: Bringing Criminals and Victims Together to Make Stolen Lives Matter

DEC. 2, 2016 -  5 Investigates Mike Beaudet joins Chronicle with a report on the concept of restorative justice; inside MCI Norfolk, where criminals conference with crime victims... 

WCVB / Mike Beaudet


By Talking, Inmates and Victims Make Things 'More Right'

JULY 5, 2014 - For many of his 15 years behind the soaring prison walls here, Muhammad Sahin managed to suppress thinking of his victims' anguish - even that of the one who haunted him most, a toddler who peeked out from beneath her blankets the night he shot and killed her mother in a gang-ordered hit...

The New York Times / Dina Kraft

Restorative Justice Behind Prison Walls

SEPT. 10, 2013 - On June 22 and 23, I made a promise to individuals typically considered convicted murderers, thieves, and drug dealers, most of whom are serving at least one life sentence for their crimes…

Huffington Post / Pierre R. Berastaín

Restorative Justice Bill Introduced in Massachusetts

AUG 7, 2013 - The first victim-offender dialogue in Massachusetts occured in 2006, when Janet Connors met with two of the men who murdered her son Joel. Until this point, the State had not allowed victims of crime to meet with those who caused them harm. For Ms. Connors, that day marked the beginning of a transformative and restorative journey... 

Centre for Justice & Reconciliation / Pierre R. Berastain

Restorative Justice Bill Introduced in Massachusetts

AUG. 7, 2013 - The first victim-offender dialogue in Massachusetts occurred in 2006, when Janet Connors met with two of the men who had murdered her son Joel. Until that point, the State had not allowed victims of crime to meet with those who had caused them harm…

Pierre R. Berastaín / Huffington Post

Storytelling as a Path to Justice

MAY 13, 2008 - As a documentary filmmaker, naturally I am interested in telling a good story. My film subjects are often people who somehow repurpose culture or history to address problems they face. So my curiosity was piqued when I learned that several very different communities were using a Native American tradition the peacemaking circle to resolve conflicts and achieve justice....

The Public Humanist / Julie Mallozzi

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